About Us

About Us

African Disaster Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization founded February 2017 with a mission to assist victims of Hunger, Abuse, Unemployment, Floods, Bush Fires and abandoned Children. In 2017 over 6.8 million South Africans have suffered for hunger, the biggest number of that disaster was the Women and the Children who were victims.

Our Foundation is not limited to assist only South African people but across Borders, we are working hard so that we can help abandoned Children and their Parents. We know the Importance of family, we assist divorced and abandoned Children to recover the trauma.

Our Mission

In regards to the Floods and Bush Fires our mission is to assist victims of Floods with shelter and food.

Between 2019 and 2020 the World was suppressed with a big Coronavirus Pandemic, people are losing their Jobs, the homeless are again the more Victims and without houses are more vulnerable to this pandemic, we are trying our best with our resources to assist them with Food, clothes and blankets.

Our Vision

-To build places that Every Women and Children can benefit Food Parcel every 30 days of each month.
-To Mobilize and Educate People not to build Properties at places than can be a Danger during Rain-Floods.
-To educate people not to smoke and throw burning cigarettes as this might create Uncontrolled Fire.
-To encourage People to plant trees to create a greener Environment.